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Model  UD-777

Dimensions 22 3/4 " x 22 3/4 " x 38 "
Net Wieght 28 Kg
Gross Weight 30 Kg

    UNITED  room air cooler model UD-777 is specially designed due to shortage of

       place. It can easily adjust in shop, study room, office, kitchen, or small flats and can 
       used as a table cooler
    UNITED  room air cooler can decrease the temperature from 16°c to 7°c maintaining 
       the natural atmosphere to provide you fresh cool air. For example if the natural 
       the temperature is 40°c the temperature of your room will be 24°c to 33°c due to the
       while  wonderful functioning of United room air cooler. In this way you are safe from 
       diseases which are caused by artificial coolness.
    UNITED  room air cooler consumes only 350 watt of electricity due to its best
       designed double speed guarantee motor pumps. due to it’s the cost of electric bill is 10 % as 
       10% as compare to A.C.
    UNITED  room air cooler absorbs the smoke of cigarette and other harmful elements.Its
       Its automatic system can change the direction of air to 90°
    UNITED  room air cooler Model UD-777 is manufactured with good quality of a ABS
       plastic material. Its full plastic body is very durable and it is safe from rusting and electric
         shodk for ever.
    UNITED room air cooler is equipped with automatic water supply and very easy to maintain.
Usage Method Pour water in the United room air cooler according to the  fixed water gauge there should be a exhaust fan in the opposite direction of cooler or open the window. It will improve the performance of cooler otherwise there will be humidity Precautions. Precautions Do not use room air cooler in case of fluctuation of voltage. Do not try to repair it if there is any fault please consult the registered office of company or the relevant dealer. Water tank should cleaned thoroughly after opening from the rear side so ill smell may not be produced due to gathered dirt, cooling pads may be cleaned with nylon brush cooler may be packed after proper cleaning at the end of the season.

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